OnenNote Notebook extracted, deleted, gone but still on smartphone App, how to save?

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Dear all,


i have a huge problem. My OneDrive was full because of my private Notebook from OneNote. So I extraced it and deleted it from my OneDrive. Now ( two month later ) I saw that there are about 60 % of Datas just empty. So from around 60 sections, there are around 36 sections with just 5KB Data and I can not open them.

So I watched in my OneNote app on my mobilephone and there is everything there. All 60 sections are complete. 


So I would like to know, is there any possibility to save them, extract them or put them back in the Notebook ? Like I said I deleted the Notebook but if I would create a new one with the same name in der OneDrive, would it fill everything with informations if I push synchronisation on my mobilephone or would I lose these informations?


Please help! It's work from more than 1,5 years!!!



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So I found the solution. If anyone has the same problem, that their Notebook ist completely deleted but still on the phone.


Create a new Notebook on your phone ( you have to make sure that the Notebooks from your account are saved on a Cloud like OneDrive. You can make this in OneNote 2016) -> copy every single section into the new Notebook. The Notebook itself will synchronize in OneDrive with all the saved sections. 


Hope it'll help someone.