OneDrive Personal and Business and OneDrive on Android... Some Advice please...

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I have two Office 365 accounts, one Home (for personal) and one Business (for the obvious).

I use OneDrive Personal on my Office 365 Home account to sync my Android pics and my personal information. 

My Office 365 Business account I have just for that, my business aside from my personal information/details.

Is there a better way other than buying Office 365 Home and Office 365 Business when I only use one suite apps to do both but need the personal OneDrive. Is it best if I just purchase a few Gb of OneDrive space and stick with only Office 365 for Business?

Yesterday decided to join many groups here and the Office 365 suggested if I was going to login to the community to register my business email, which I did however that screwed up my OneDrive access on my Android... now if wants my business account details to login.

Android from the look of it only has one OneDrive app whereas on my desktop and Surface I have both my personal and business OneDrive icons showing in the notification tray.


As I said before, a little help in untwisting this mess up and perhaps suggesting a better alternative would be very much appreciated. 


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Hi @tropolite ,

There is only one Onedrive app, so that won't help.

But if you use File, Open from within an Office app, you can have separate access to personal Onedrive and Onedrive for business (several, if you want).

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There are several third party file manager apps for Android that support both OneDrive for business and OneDrive personal simultaneously. It would be great however if Microsoft would release their own file manager for Android.