Onedrive error code -61

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I am setting up onedrive on my new mac and didn'thave any problems before. But this time on the new mac, it goes through set up, choose destination drive and then comes up with code -61. Anyone help?




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I have the same question. Can anyone help?

i have a similar issue @alancane. Were you able to find a solution for this one. I have a Mac and due to the limited hard drive space I keep my onedrive folder on an external hard drive (which I keep plugged in all the time), what I find is that I get this error 61 code frequently. More often than not onedrive is not connected, so I have little or no confidence my files are backing up on the cloud.


I previously did the same thing which dropbox without an issue, but onedrive on the mac seems to be problematic for me and I cannot see helpful info on line to solve this.