One Note 2016 syncing issue

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Only one of my notebooks in onenote is not syncing. All others are working. It trys to sync, shown in the green progression box, but does not complete. It crashes if left syncing for 10 minutes. 


Error codes 0x8 crurg or 0x20 crurv. Sometimes it says i don't have permission, but clicking the dialogue box removes this error. 


Have tried all online suggestions and online live chat support but unfortunately to no avail. Even downloaded onenote for Windows. 


If there are any experts out there, i humbly request your assistance. 


Thank you, 



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If you right click a page entry (in OneNote, the right hand list, in the Windows version, left hand side) you will see an option to see "Page Versions". Select this and you'll see a list of all versions of that page. Take a look at each page and see if you can spot any issues. It may take some time as you need to check every version of every page but if one fails to open or looks dodgy then that page may be corrupt. If you the delete that page (thus removing the corrupted page) you may find sync then works.
Sync errors do sadly occur in OneNote periodically. A sure fire fix is to copy the text out manually and delete the page / section / notebook that is causing the issues and paste in to a new area.

Thank you for both your responses. I tried to implement your suggestions but unfortunately, syncing is still not working. Any other suggestions before cancelling my office 365 subscription? Appreciate it. @Allan Clarke, @Kotus-Tech365

Did you try creating an entirely new notebook and copy-pasting the notes?

@ZayChaud - I searched the error codes you mention. Found the following. May help, may not, hopefully it does. Also the suggestion of rebuilding you whole Note Book is a good idea if you have the time!


Fix issues when you can't sync OneNote - Office Support (