Onboarding To Monthly Enterprise Channel

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We are seeing 2000+ machines in the cloud status "Onboarding To Monthly Enterprise Channel'  and these machines are not getting to update to latest version even if machines are connected to network. Need to know why these macinea are stuck in Onboarding To Monthly Enterprise Channel


We are seeing this status in O365 admin center. and machines are not getting updated via O365 admin center

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Are those machines checking-in with the service? Please check if the "last contact date" in inventory indicates that those machines are indeed online and check-in with the service. Also, are those machines at least one update behind? If not, it might be that Cloud Update does not see a pending action for those machines, thus not onboarding them (yet).

@Raghavendra_KT Can confirm, I'm seeing many of the same, also on the Current channel.

Check-in date is from the last day or two, they're absolutely current and talking but don't see them actually managed by Cloud Update.

Is there any way to force it from the clients? Or force a refresh on Cloud Update?

Hi Frank, do you have the Current Channel profile enabled for Cloud Updates (https://youtu.be/lRegLZUjkUY)? If so, what is the status reported for those device in inventory, column 'cloud update status'? Are those flagged as 'onboarding to current', 'eligible for current' or something else?
Hey Martin,
Yes, it's enabled, and for both Monthly and Current channels (also have a ton on semi-annual but that's not enabled/released) I see the majority of devices reported as eligible. A small amount is reported as 'onboarding' and none are 'managed by' as I'd expect to see (I have a demo environment with a couple of machines in various states, one of them is properly managed).

I've suspected thus far that it could be because we haven't hit a Patch Tuesday yet but since yesterday I'm not seeing much change just yet, and besides, some of these machines are a few version behind anyways so I hoped it would have caught things and brought everyone up to speed.

@FrankvanZandwijk Any update on this as I am seeing exactly the same. All my devices are stuck at Onboarding to Current Channel 

@Raghavendra_KT did you get an update to this, we see the same behaviour.