Office ProPlus self-install does not include Teams

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Despite the Admin settings being configured to make the Monthly Channel available to users, the version of MS Office ProPlus available to install by end-users at still includes Skype and not Teams. Is this a bug in our tenant or a setting somewhere?


The latest Monthly channel release is version 2003. 

According to this article: starting with Version 1902, Teams is included as part of new installations of Office 365 ProPlus


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@Andrew Matthews 

Hello, we don't allow end users to install Office 365 ProPlus for themselves from the Office 365 portal, but in my test environment I reproduced the scenario and experienced the same result (on a clean W10). Obviously something is incorrect as Microsoft state "If you're letting your users install Office 365 ProPlus for themselves from the Office 365 portal, you can't exclude Teams from being included as part of the installation".


I suppose you need to raise a ticket with Microsoft.

OK, so it's not just our tenant then. Thanks for confirming.
I raised a ticket with Microsoft but they have been unhelpful so far... I am waiting for a response to my last message to them.
We have a lot of our staff working from home now and downloading Office ProPlus to their home computers from the Office 365 Portal. It's very out of step that it still includes Skype for Business and not Teams; we are having to tell our staff to download Teams as a separate install.
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@Andrew Matthews have your users restarted the device after installing Office?  Per the documentation, Teams install is not complete until the next logon:


To complete the installation of Teams on new or existing installations of Office 365 ProPlus, either restart the device or have the user log off and log back on.

@Brad Corob Thank you, you're correct - the user does get Teams after a reboot in this fashion. But this is a terrible end-user experience! The Office 365 portal where the user goes to trigger a self-install of ProPlus still shows the Skype logo and makes no mention of Teams!

I can confirm there is no mention of Teams and no visible logo as well. However, during the installation you can see the Teams logo next to the other applications. Not the best end-user experience though, as already pointed out.


Do you have Teams in your XML file that's used for Install? Visit and set up a new XML, if my best suggestion.  Then use ODT to Install or your favorite software deployment method. 




@JohnForthHello and thanks for your reply. As the subject shows this topic was about "self-install" from the portal where the end-user do not see the Teams logo before initializing the installation (only visible during the installation). I just confirmed the behavior that @Andrew Matthews experienced.


Ah, my bad.  Missed that part.