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I use on the online version of Office and it's automatically saved to one drive. Is there a way to save to other forms of storage such as a flash drive?

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The only other native recourse is to download a copy to your local machine: File > Save As > Download a Copy.

@Zack Barresse So this method I can save my documents to a flash drive? Thank you for the great suggestion.

Yes, you could. Since it's web-based [Excel], this action will only download a copy of the file to your default downloads folder. You would then have to manually move it to the desired destination. The thing to remember for something like this is browser-based applications don't have any knowledge of your local folder hierarchies.

@Zack Barresse Got it. Does it mean I would only have access to the downloaded documents via the internet browser? Would getting the actual office be better? Also what do you mean local folder hierarchies?

No, it doesn't mean that. You still have access to your OneDrive so long as your Microsoft credentials are valid. You can access OneDrive and download files, or open them in Excel Online and save them locally. They'll download to your Downloads folder regardless.

Getting Excel desktop (PC or Mac) is totally up to you. The online versions are nice because the base version is free with any Microsoft account, much like Google Sheets (but Excel is better! lol). There are many advantages to having the local version. I'll list out the basic pros and cons of each.

Pros of Excel Online
Good for basic spreadsheeting, or consuming spreadsheets others have created.
Accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.
Can be opened in most Excel endpoints (i.e. Excel desktop, Excel online, Excel for iOS, etc.).
Can be used as a data source/repository.
Able to be shared easily.
Can utilize JavaScript (this can be difficult and is a whole other can of worms).

Cons of Excel Online
You must have an internet connection and can't use offline.
Much smaller subset of tools/functionality.
Cannot utilize VBA.

Pros of Excel desktop (assuming PC version)
All tools and functionality available.
Can utilize VBA.

Cons of Excel desktop

I think I confused things when I said "local folder hierarchy". Basically what I meant to say was that when you download a file from the internet, like Excel Online, it just goes to your Downloads folder, and then you can move it to another drive if you want.

@Zack Barresse I didn't specify which office program I am using. I use word at the moment, not too much excel. Is this the same concept for word and all other office programs? I'm still think about still getting the programs offline.

Word Online is the same as Excel Online, same concept yes. The value is different for everyone. If you only use Word and its basic capabilities, the online version may suit you just fine. I find the desktop version to be superior and have a Microsoft 365 subscription, which there are different levels for different needs. I certainly think they're at least looking at. Then again, free is a great price. :)