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Can someone please clarify this for regards to using the Office Deployment Tool "Remove" parameter.

If I have the following in my config.xml file:


<add sourcepath="\\servername\share\filename" officeclientedition="32">

<product id="o365proplusretail">

<language id="en-us" />

<language id="es-es" />



<remove all="true">

<product id="o365proplusretail">

<language id="en-us" />




If the "es-es" language is not found, will the "en-us" version still be installed, or will nothing get installed due to the Remove tag/instructions? Thanks for any clarification!

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Hi, there are several things mixed up the in the XML. Here is how to fix this:

  • If you want to remove a product, you should get rid of the whole <add>-section.
  • Your <Remove>-statement contains All=True. So this will remove all products and all languages, regardless of what is already installed on the device.
  • If you specify a Language Pack which is not installed at the moment, setup will basically do nothing. Installed products and other Language Pack will remain unchanged.

So for just uninstalling the es-es Language Pack, the XML would look like the following:



 <Remove All="FALSE">
  <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail" >
   <Language ID="es-es" />



Here is the full documentation:


I hope this helps.

@Martin Nothnagel 

Martin, thanks for your reply.  I'm a bit confused as I had posted this on another forum and was told "if this is a first time install (the products have never been installed before), using my original code the product would still install using the "en-us" language.  If the product had already been installed, the "en-us" install would be removed and nothing would remain.  Is this not the case??


I'm not necessarily trying to "remove" anything...I'm curious to know, with the original code, if one language specified in the "add" section wasn't found, would the other language still be installed even though it's included in the "remove" section (on a first time install only).


Thanks for your help! 

@PMorgan_1116 Hmm, I'm still confused which actual scenario we're trying to solve here. Why would I have an add and remove section in the same XML? Btw, if a language mentioned in the add-section can not be found, the setup will fail. It will not skip the language.