Office bypassing Target Version set by Intune

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Ok so I was managing my Microsoft patches through Intune. A while back Microsoft sent out this message….


I believe I had opted out but recently our machines have started updating to the Monthly channel.


So if this is true that we are now moved to Monthly channel how do we control it moving forward?


I have done some of my own research and came across the following but still not sure what is what.


If you log in here -

Go to settings, org settings, Office installation updates. You have some items here.

If you click on Organization profile in the same window you have "Release preferences"


If you log in here  -

Go to servicing, Monthly enterprise, settings. You can choose criteria, rollout, etc



Also I know in the past to troubleshoot a single device the reg keys you wanted to look at were:













Though I think now that it is managed from

this is the new key to look @



instead of the old one





Any input on the above would be great.


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First, settings from or from Intune do overrule the preferences from Second, overrules Intune in regards to Office updates.

So if a device is Intune managed and targeted by the Servicing Profile, Profile (from will overrule the Intune Office update settings.

In order to further help, what are you aiming to do? Keep Profiles active and devices on MEC, as profiles offer additional features (like rollback, Office-specific reports, easy waver controls)? Disable profiles and revert control to Intune? Do you want to stay on MEC or move back to SAEC?