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Looking for some assistance with Office Apps on Android Phone (Pixel 3) please. All of a sudden apps such as PowerPoint, Power Apps, Power BI & Word etc., when opening them, are asking for a password to log in (despite normally being constantly logged in). Once I log in, the app works fine but within 30 minutes of the log in I get notifications from Outlook Mobile telling me to "Log In" & I have to then open Outlook and select the "Log In" banner it presents at the bottom of the screen. Pop up disappears and Outlook is then stable again until I open up an Office365 app. 30 minutes later, rinse repeat. Have checked the account with Office365 provider who says nothing odd on the account and the apps work fine on another phone & on my PC etc. (so suspect its the phone in someway).


The only change that has occurred on the phone is Microsoft Flow has stopped working. Flow acknowledge an issue with MAM Policy (???) stopping it from working and a fix is in the works but they also claim this issue has nothing to do with my account problems.


Anyone encountered anything similar or have any suggestions on a fix please.




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Did you try giving your Onedrive credentials?

@Hans Le Roy- sorry Hans, not sure what you mean. OneDrive log in is the same as the rest of my Office365 apps and not sure who I would give it to?

Try changing the password for the Office Account. When having this issue I noticed there was never a prompt to enter a password. It would ask to confirm account that would be pre-populated with my email address and after hitting next it would proceed to an error message. I changed my password on another device and when trying again was asked for the password, logged in successfully. @Allan Clarke 



@BlackOxTaurus- my problem suddenly disappeared without me doing anything! Suspect a back end issue somewhere :) Thanks for the tip though, will keep it to hand incase I get the issue again.