Office Apps Configuration Portal - how to get office reporting?

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With the new features announced at ignite for, I registered for the previews of the health features (inventory, security, etc).


Can someone let me know how we get office apps to report to this portal? I'm not seeing any information after over a week. the majority of our estate is below v2007, and I know there's a reliance on that, but I definitely have installs on higher versions.


Is there a url we may be blocking? I see there's a 'tenant association key', but don't believe that needs to be rolled out somehow, as the info for the new features says for all installs of apps that your users are logged into, whether delivered by us or not.

And finally, is there any documentation at all on these new features, as there is nothing under 'learn more'

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@ivan_mcbeal I have this question as well, I can see only Monthly Enterprise and Current channel devices but none which are on Semi-Annual Channel.  What it looks like, the current and monthly channels have direct registration for data to send.  Following the documentation, We have both the following enabled:

  • Diagnostic data that is collected and sent to Microsoft about Office client software being used on computers running Windows in your organization.
  • Connected experiences that use cloud-based functionality to provide enhanced Office features to you and your users.

Maybe there is something other than Optional to use for settings.

A good starting point for documentation is Apps health builds on diagnostic data, so as long as Office is allowed to report full data, you should data in this blade.


Inventory requires at least v2007 and currently auto-provisioning is enabled for Current and Monthly Enterprise Channel only. SAEC-Preview will be the next (soon). SAEC has basically to wait till it catches up to v2008.


Let me know of any further questions you have on the new apps admin center.