Office 365 Word and PowerPoint Templates no longer available

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Several years ago when we migrated to O365 from Office 2013, we were pretty excited to also start using SharePoint for our templates repository.  We had been using Workgroup templates on a file share with a GPO pointing the clients there.  So when we made this transition, the GPO was unlinked and left to collect dust.  The SharePoint organizational asset library was created and working great, up until recently.  Several weeks ago, the old templates GPO was deleted.  It was no longer relevant, so it was deleted.  Now, it seems that users no longer have their corporate templates.  The templates header for our organization is gone, and obviously no templates.  We have recreated the library in SharePoint, and that did not solve the issue either.  Has anyone run into this?  Any suggestions?  I can find nothing on the web about this kind of issue.

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