Office 365 ProPlus with Azure AD - Seamless Single Sign On

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The current release of Office 365 ProPlus (Insider Preview, First Release) doesn't support Seamless SSO in specific workloads. 



Seamless SSO doesn't work with a 'shared computer activation'. User needs to enter his username. 



In the newest Insider Release the autentication windows has changed. Since this change the authentication with seamless sso doesn't work anymore.


Are there any plan to support Seamless SSO in the Office 365 ProPlus Product? 

More information about Seamless SSO



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Are there any product enhancement planned?

We have the same issues with the shared computer activation.  Users are prompted to include the username, which wasn't required with ADFS.

We experience this issue as well, we use ADFS.


Users didn't had to enter their username, to activate office, now they have to :(

This is a burden when users are switching pc's all the time (eg in a classroom with shared computer activation).


Could it be related to the new dialog that is show to activate, or isn't it that new?