Office 365 ProPlus update from Office 2016 still shows Word 2016 for example?!

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I am facing an issue on some clients. They have got Office 2016 installed. The target version is Office 365 ProPlus SAEC. 

I am having issues to uninstall Office 2016. Therefore I used OffScrub16.vbs and o15-ctrremove.diagcab. Uninstall was fine. Then I rebooted the client and started the installation of Office 365 ProPlus SAEC in the latest version. Installation was successful. 

When I start for example Word and open account information it says: Microsoft office Professional Plus 2016 - Version 1908 Click to run Semi Annual Channel.

Not sure why it still shows Word 2016 as the installed version. Under Programs and features Office 365 ProPlus is shown as installed. 

What can I do to have the correct dispay name shown in each product?  

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@Andy0401 Maybe the KMS activation key is still installed. Execute the steps described here on one of the affected devices and use ospp.vbs to uninstall any remaining KMS key, to see if Office activates itself correctly afterwards: and

If this fixes your issue, it was a stuck KMS key. I would also recommend to test using RemoveMSI instead of OffScrub, maybe this resolves the issue for new installations ( Hope this helps.