Office 365 ProPlus on Server 2016 RDS

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We are running RDS servers on Server 2016 with Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions.


After January 14, 2020 this is not supported anymore according to this blog post.


What are our options? Is it possible in some way to stay on Server 2016 or can we upgrade to Server 2019 when released and still use RDS and Office 365 ProPlus?

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Hi Theis,

Did you know that if your users are licensed with a ProPlus license in Office 365 you can also install Office with SharedOfficeActication on your terminal servers. This way every user logging in on a terminal server and start Office will activate against their E3 license without consuming any the 5 licenses you get per user.

See this

Let me know if you need any help with this.

Hello Dennis,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, this is how we install Office already.

I hope you've seen this:


"Office 365 ProPlus will also continue to be supported on Windows Server 2016 until October 2025."

@Tamir Levy  Is there specific credential configuration to setup for o365 in server 2016 RDS?

Hi @Firoz1723 

No special credentials are needed

when you service your host you need to install Office with admin rights + Shared Activation configured in the XML file.

afterwards every user who logon to the session will be able to use \ activate Office.