Office 365 proplus C2R updates saturating our Internet Line

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Hi Guys !

Last 2 months we have a huge problem with our internet getting saturated by office cr2 updates.

We have office 365 for a year now and never had problems with this.

Any one knows if somthing is changed ?

If its updates we get 0.90 mb/s when i do an internet speed test.

Maybe some solutions  ?





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What channel are you on? If you go to File and Account in Word, for example, it should be listed amongst the version information?  You should see something like the Monthly Channel?


The updates vary in size and by channel, you can actually see the update download sizes here - Download sizes (approximate) for channel updates to Office 365 ProPlus



First thanks for the site !!!


We are on the monthly (current) update.

We dont want to change this but what are our options ?

Isnt there somthing we can do to not fully use our bandwidth ?



It's possible but it might take some heavy lifting. It would probably require changing how Office 365 ProPlus is deployed and managed. 


Microsoft calls this the Locally Managed scenario in their best practices, which "uses on-premises file distribution systems to deploy <and update> Office 365 ProPlus".  The gist of this would be to have a file share with the downloaded Office updates, using the Office Deployment Tool (ODT), then using this same tool to tell clients to download updates from this location.:


Use the Office Deployment Tool to configure update settings for Office 365 ProPlus.pngThe benefits are the update should only be downloaded once across the internet connection (assuming all clients have good access to the file share).  The downside is it takes more work.  There are other options like Configuration Manager, which has the ability to manage updates. 


Lots of details here:


Best practices: Locally managed scenario

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