Office 365 ProPlus 1801 (build 9001.2138) Graphics Glitch

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I and several co-workers just updated our Office 365 ProPlus to build 9001.2138. Now randomly, a large vertical black bar appears in-between the message preview pane and the right-reading pane. It goes away if you resize the panes, or in switching to another folder. It comes back randomly when switching folders. (Basically, switching folders makes it come and go randomly.)


Is this happening to anyone else?


I couldn't get much of a screenshot due to privacy and confidentiality concerns, but the attached image is what it looks like.

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Microsoft acknowledged the issue in the Service Health area of our Office 365 Admin Center.

"EX128811 - Outlook client rendering issues"


So apparently it's not just us, and they're looking into it.

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Also impacting us, opened a ticket with MS Support, evidently they're aware and working on a fix in future build. Impacts ProPlus builds 9001.2138 and 9001.2144 on Win10 Pro 1703 and 0709. 

Found a manual fix on a few systems. Update client to latest version of Office proplus. Restart outlook in safe mode (Outlook.exe /safe). See if that prompts the Office ProPlus EULA activation pop up window. Accept and restart outlook in normal mode. Some users were 'fixed' this way. 

Your milage may vary - other threads suggest updating to current branch first release, disable plugins, disable hardware acceleration, update Adobe PDF viewer, ect. 

Thanks for the safe mode suggestion. That appears to have fixed the black bar issue for us.


EDIT: I thought I lost the Focused Inbox feature after doing the safe mode suggestion, but it turns out I just had to close and relaunch Outlook a third time. Everything seems fine at the moment.

Interesting info on the Focused inbox. My users don't like it, so I have not tested. I know safe mode will reset views and disable plugins, so it is just a workaround.


I'm still getting feed back from users, as it appears that the black scroll bar seems to return. I have yet to verify this as some users were getting it on build 2138 , used the safe mode workaround, then got it again after the upgrade to 2144. 


Bottom line is I'm waiting for a permanent code fix from Microsoft on a future build. MS support has not given me an ETA as of yet.