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we installed a testgroup with off365 ProPlus. with ODT, version 16.0.7766.2096. New updates are available in our networkshare. (version.16.0.7766.2099) GPOs are activated. No update notification displayed for users. They have to click on "Update now" to get the new update.


Comes the new updates only by clicking the "Update now" Button?


Can someone help?

Thanks a lot for help.

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Hi Mike,


No, this shoud occur automatically, based on your configuration. You can set a deadline for applying updates as described here:


- Dominik

I would suggest to have a look at the log files at C:\Windows\Temp, these should tell you the root cause. Look for log files which are a bit larger and search for "TryLoadScenario - Loading UPDATE scenario is successful" which indicates an attempt to discover new updates. Continue reading the lines, especially the very long ones. You should be able to figure out why the update discovery doesn't work from there.

Hello Martin,


I found

"Click-To-Run annu0 Medium TaskFactory::TryLoadScenario - Loading UPDATE scenario is successful"

and this:


"Ver": "16.0.7766.2096", "C2RClientVer": "16.0.7766.1383", "ContextData": "Updates are disabled due to COM."} "



and this:


"Scheduled task update disabled due to updates discovery period not yet complete. {'ReasonIncomplete':'discoveryperiod','Duration':'2970','MajorVersion':'16'}"} 


and this:


Click-To-Run annvj Medium Worker::TaskExecutionThreadProc - Task UPDATEDETECTION:{77176F9C-873B-4A7D-8051-EBEB52DDE8B0} completed with TaskState TASKSTATE_FAILED.


Can you find something's wrong?




Technically there is nothing wrong, the engine is behaving as configured (but maybe not as intended). The auto update detection is not running because the integration into System Center Configuration Manager through the COM interface is enabled (Updates are disabled due to COM). So the scheduled task runs, detects that updates should be pushed through ConfigManager and stops itself. Was the activation of the ConfigMgr-Integration intentional (more info at here and here)?