Office 365 help! We need the password to sync this notebook. (Error code: 0x52E)

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I'm currently a student at a catholic school that uses a program called "mnconnect" for all of our office products. I have an office 365 Pro Plus subscription through the school, and have had serious problems with the function of OneNote. Lately, none of my notebooks have been syncing, and showing the error "We need the password to sync this notebook. (Error code: 0x52E)". I then type in my school email account and press enter, and the password window closes, taking me to any other open windows. For example, an internet explorer window. I have tried so any things to resolve this issue, and nothing has worked. 


NOTE: I am using Office 365 ProPlus on a windows 10 Acer laptop. 

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Please provide screenshots as it will help visual the issue you are experiencing.