O365 Excel 2016 ProPlus - Table Import Wizard for Power Pivot - Not accessible after initial use?

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It seems as if the Excel/Power Pivot "Table Import Wizard" is only available on the initial data import now. It used to be available on the initial import, and if the user selected "Table Properties" for an existing table in the Power Pivot model.


I am running Office 365 ProPlus, Excel 2016.


To re-create steps:

1. Run Excel

2. Select Power Pivot
3. Manage
4. Get External Data/From Database/From SQL Server
5. <fill in server and database name>
6. Select from a list of tables and views to choose the data to import
7. Select table, and choose "Preview and Filter" button
8. That brings up the Table Import Wizard

9. Using this wizard, users can manipulate the query filter using the header columns
10. Then select "Finish", to load the data into Power Pivot data model

In past versions of Excel, in the Power Pivot window, could choose "Design/ Table Properties", and it would display the Table Import Wizard again.

But now, in Excel 2016, it only displays SQL, and/or a SQL Designer that displays SQL.


We have quite a few existing Power Pivot workbooks that were built the old way, by business users who are not SQL knowledgeable. They would use the Table Import Wizard.


** Is this feature only available on the first use in Excel?

** If it is available after first use, please tell us how to access it?

** If it is no longer available after first use, what is Microsoft's recommendation regarding the Excel/Power Pivot workbooks built by business users who do not know SQL?


See ScreenShot 1 (attached), showing the Table Import Wizard on first use, and
Screenshot 2 (attached), showing what I see now when choosing Table Properties.


Thanks for your help.
Tom Littlejohn


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