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Dear All,


I work in a secondary school. We have O365 subscription (Education), but we don't get free Office through that (only Skype for Business is available at the download location). As an educational institute we are entitled to use Office 2016 for free, but we don't get O365 instead Office 2016 Professional Plus. Is it possible for us to use co authoring feature in Excel? I have updated O2016 Pro Plus as much as it was possible through Windows Update, but it still doesn't work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Are you saving the files in an Office 365 location like OneDrive or SharePoint?

Yes... And it works well on my personal computer, but I have a private O365 subscription. The version of office we have on the PCs are Professional Plus and not O365 as mine. Also they don't have automatic saving...

Realistically they are the same thing with different names and licensing mechanisms.
Have you added an Office Account to Office on the PCs and signed in with your O365 credentials?

Yes of course we logged in. The "account" page is different in O2016 Pro Plus. There is no button for joining Office insider or downloading updates.

I have managed to solve it but not in a desired method.


In Hungary every teacher is entitled to a kind of limited Office 365 subscription, which includes the desktop apps and 1tb OneDrive, but no mail or other services AND it is not connected to the school. I registered one of our teachers and luckily the package, which is available at the download section is the O365 version (although the website, where I could register, says it is O2016 Pro +).


Now, co authoring works... Is there anybody who has 2016 Pro + and working co authoring?