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I have found an article:



There is a Q&A:


Question: These features look great for a single library, but how can I distribute templates to multiple libraries throughout a wide-ranging information architecture?

Answer: Again, for the time being, these features are scoped to a single document library. In the future, we will expand these capabilities to allow you to distribute and publish content types, with associated templates and metadata definitions, to multiple site collections and libraries in a single transaction.


Does somebody know about this topic? Is there any progress? Or any workarounds?

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@Velizanina Good question. I'm looking after the same answer.

@Rune Myrhaug ... I'm also looking for the same answer. The centralized content type template management works in classic, but not with this new Modern method. Mind you classic only allows one template per content type, but at least it's centralized. The response was released "in the next year". But that should have been 2019 and it's 2022 now. It's a nifty little feature that doesn't scale at all.


Here's a blog that wrote about the Cons when trying to use this feature. One con is that it's not centralized. This was written only six months ago:

Managing Document Templates in SharePoint Online — Gravity Union


And here's the Microsoft response that it should be released already. If I'm missing something please let me know.