O365 Apps decision making and relationship

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Does Microsoft have a tool to advise which O365 Application is best suited for a certain use case.

Lot's of applications provide almost the same use case but there is one that is allways best suited.


Does Microsoft have a relationship visio-diagramm which shows how the apps interact between each other. I.e. Stream Can deliver Videos to teams etc.


Thank you all for your answers.



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Not a Visio diagram but there are some resources for this, here is one I have to hand



Another way at looking at this is what Microsoft call scenarios - “Scenarios cover the ways your people will use Microsoft 365 to address business challenges or achieve defined goals”.


Microsoft have six core scenarios that are fairly typical for most organisations and there is a library with more, that use can use to match with your requirements or goals.


Pages 14 onwards of this guide has lots more information on this. 





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I will have a look


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Do you have a url for that grafic.