Numbers are written backwards in Right-to-Left direction (in Hebrew; OneNote of Office 365)

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When starting new line of text in Hebrew (Right-to-Left direction), the numbers are written backwards (i.e 78 becomes 87; 1984 -> 4891). Only after deleting, the order is correct


It's especially annoying when I need to enter numbers to cells (or Table). However if I start with a Hebrew letter, the numbers after it are correct.


It started earlier this year (or late 2020) after one of the updates. It affects OneNote for Win10 as well.



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@Yuval Welis Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this issue. I have filed a bug to investigate and fix this issue. While I can't predict which build will contain a fix, because this appears to be a regression, I'm confident it will be fixed in an upcoming update.

@Tony He 



My build of OneNote 365 is 16.0.14131.20296 , (2106) 64 bit.    


I hope to see a fix soon. This is BTW a recurring problem in Office with Hebrew support since Office 2010, where numbers and punctuation signs change their position in a line because they did not follow the writing direction (LTR or RTL). I hope a better QA checking will be done there.



Y. W.  

After upgrading to 2107 & 2108 builds - still no improvement.

As with Office 2010, I'm afraid there won't be a solution until the next big upgrade (maybe Office 2022).

@Yuval Welis 


Still one year later & no show. The bug persist & annoy.  


Is there any way to get it to MS?...  

I would like to join Yuval in the request to look into this, as it's been a long time and this is a really pressing issue affecting all of onenote's users in Israel and in the middle east where RTL is common. Thank you.