Notebook Syncing and Permissions is a mess for M365 users

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This is part rant and part call for help... I'm really struggling to LIKE using OneNote because I can't rely on it.


  • Getting notebooks (new and old) to sync to multiple devices via the desktop app(s) is flakey at best on Windows 10.  
    • Sometimes notebooks refuse to sync and load on the app, despite re-authenticating my account credentials
    • I have two business accounts and the syncing issues are consistent between both accounts, but not always at the same time.
    • This happens between my HP laptop, my Surface Pro, and my desktop build.
  • Sometimes my personal notebooks won't sync or load in the WEB APP and/or Teams because "I'm not authorized".... (really??)
  • I know that I'm not the only person within my org to have similar issues with OneNote
  • I've started using multiple SMALLER notebooks but that hasn't improved the situation either.  


I used to love OneNote and I had big expectations for it in Office 365 that is simply hasn't lived up to. 


Am I alone in this or have others hit the same wall as me?

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