No images in Android app

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I put some images into OneNote via Onenote 2016. But they didn't appear in my Android Onenote app – they were just gray hour-glasses. I told the app to sync the section many times, and waited. Still no images.

I have some text on the pages with the images. When I change the text or the sizes of the images using Onenote 2016 then the changes appear on my phone. But the images don't.

There were images that I had added in the past that I could see. Following some online advice I logged out of my Microsoft account on my Android app, and then logged in again. The app re-loaded my notebooks. But now none of the images are visible – even the ones that had been there in the past. I check on the online Onenote and the images are there.


How can I get the images onto my android app Onenote?


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Solved: I found out that my adblocker was blocking the images. I use AdClear, which blocks ads by creating a VPN on my phone. When I tell AdClear to not block ads for the OneNote app, then the images are synced.