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I use to update my apps for Enterprise, this works well.

However, I now have a new pc, registered in azure, apps for enterprise installed and logged in with a valid user, but I do not get to see this pc in the inventory list of Can i force the inventory somewhere? or how can i troubleshoot what is going wrong?



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Hi, check out:


Basic checks are:

  • Is the device running at least version 2008?
    • If not, update to latest build.
  • Has the device the TAK key set? (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Cloud\Office\16.0\Common\officesvcmanager)
    • If not, make sure that the same user which was used to activate Office is used to launch the application at least once.
  • Has the Scheduled Task been created and ran at least once? (Task Scheduler > Microsoft > Office > Office Serviceability Manager)
    • If not ran, ran it once manually.
    • If not created, restart C2R service and re-check.

Feel free to report back your findings here.

office version = Version 2004 Build 1730.20352 C2R
The 'Cloud' key does not exist under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\
When should this key have been created?
and forgotten, the user who activated office was the same as the one that launched the application
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As mentioned above, the min version is 2008. The device on v2004 just don't know how to register into the tenant. So update the device to version 2008 or newer and the device should be able to register. Documentation on min version requirement:
Ok, tx, indeed version is the problem
Hello, the device disappeared from Inventory after 30 days
- Checked Task Scheduler for 'Office Serviceability Manager' - running correctly
- Checked Regedit for TAK - present with the correct value
- Checked version of Office - correct, Microsoft 365 Apps for business, 2103, updated under Monthly Enterprise Channel previously

Any suggestions? Thank you.

@KrisDeb If the device is not checking in within 30 days, it will automatically purged from inventory. When device is back online and M365Apps launched, it should re-appear within a few minutes. Is the device which disappeared a test device or one which has been in use/online during the last 30 days?

@Martin NothnagelThe device has been used for the last few months. I tried everything except Configuration Manager remediation because I am not using it and I don't have the license.
Another device started acting in the same way, out of nowhere, nothing's changed on the device but it's now:
Monthly Enterprise Channel
as you can see the contact was lost 3 days ago, device is still online and restarted several times, there is no problem with the device. It's exactly the same how the previous device was lost. I have the feeling this one will disappear in 27 days as well.

Another two devices checked in yesterday morning and that's it, nothing from them so far, they are also online and being used.

Checked on all devices:
- TAKs
- Registry keys
- Task scheduler
- Office health, C2R service, etc.
- Run Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun\officesvcmgr.exe /checkin several times.
- Intune for some settings or policies I could put in and forget
- Network for any issues and if URLs can still be reached.

It was fine for a few weeks I started playing with it and it looks normal on all devices but as you can see, something's happened.
Can you suggest anything more to check?

Please sent the engineering team a feedback item (log into, navigate to inventory, hit the little balloon in the top right corner and describe the issue briefly, mention that I asked you to file a feedback item, state your time zone that you are in and leave your email addy. We will check it from the service side then.