New Outlook resend/redirect option

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I am looking for whether resend/redirect is available in the "new" Outlook for Mac (v. 16.50 as of the time of this post).


Behavior in "old" Outlook:

1. In Mail, go to Sent.

2. Right-click a message, choose Resend

3. A new email is created, and is auto-filled with the subject and body of the email. Nothing is in recipients and the message can be resent to other recipients.


Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 9.34.45 AM.png


Behavior in "new" Outlook:

1. Search anywhere for "resend" or "redirect"

2. failure (sad trombone)


This is an important feature to a couple of my executives, am I just missing it or is this not added yet to the new Outlook? Further, where can I go to submit feedback for this feature?

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Isn't it surprising that this has not been addressed yet? New UI with limited functionality, doesn't make sense. I even have resend from the iOS 15 Mail client, but not from Outlook?

@ioannispan Bingo. When I was a Mac fan in the 90's, I was always told how much better Microsoft stuff was for business. Now that I'm an IT manager for a startup and we're using Office products, I'm shocked at how completely fragmented Microsoft's approach is to their products on its various platforms.

Must be a company culture thing.