(New) Office365 App on Android

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Anyone seen any issues with the new Office365 App on Android. I have 2 accounts attached, my Office365 Business account and my @outlook account. Suddenly having issued opening Excel & PowerPoint files from the business account or seeing & opening files in the (Business) OneDrive folders (in the app) when using Wi-Fi. If I drop back to mobile data all works fine and my @outlook account files work on both mobile & Wi-Fi data! Oddly, MS Word files are fine even over Wi-Fi so a real odd scenario. Sadly, happens across 2 separate phones and I've also noticed that both phones struggle to open .xlsx file from the native Excel for Android app too.


Have uninstalled the app on one phone but makes no difference. Same files can be opened over Wi-Fi on both of my laptops so issue is linked to Mobile App/Wi-Fi/Office365 in some way.


Anyone seen anything similar or have a clue on what might be going on here please?




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Suspect this may have been an ISP issue as it resolved itself a few days later.