New Office UI design/coming soon button missing

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Hi all! I'm using MS 365 Apps for Enterprise (2110, Build 14527.20276) on two devices with the same user account. While the "coming soon" (megaphone) button is available on one client (a desktop which I can now use with the new Office UI), it is not available on the other one (notebook). The function is not disabled via policy or registry setting. Repairing office did not help. As far as I can remember, I confirmed I want to test the new UI on both clients.


Does anybody know how I can force the second client to offer the coming soon button again? Or is this feature (new UI) activated gradually amongst 2110 users who have opted to go for it?

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@VT_AT_1 Although I can't answer this for you, I'm also very keen to know if there's an answer to this as I have exactly the same issue!

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When starting Powerpoint today, the dialogue appeared again and I could immediately switch to the new UI. Thus, the problem is solved (although I don't know how and why :-)).
I'm missing the new UI too, as well as coming soon button.
I'm running Office 2021 Professional Plus, Version 2112 (Build 14729.20260). Any ideas how to get the new UI enabled?
It's only slightly different on W10, but for the worse - I'd stick with the old for as long as possible.....