New ODT (16.0.12827.20268) released!


Quick heads-up, we have released a new Office Deployment Tool: Full change log is located at


Version 16.0.12827.20268 (setup.exe version 16.0.12827.20258)

  • Current Channel is now the default channel when a channel is not specified
  • Added support for Monthly Enterprise Channel
  • Added support for new channel names
  • Additional resiliency features to continue install if possible even when some language resources are unavailable
  • MSIRemove capabilities expanded to remove Office 2007 products
  • MSIRemove capabilities expanded to remove Access Database Engine


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When you go to the MIcrosoft ODT Tool there is a link to give feedback. The link dumps you in the Community with no clue as to where to go.

A common problem with this tool is Error 0-2048. Which can be caused by several things that have nothing to do with the blurb the tool prints out with the error. The threads that I was able to find on the error were all locked. NONE of them listed any real solutions. One problem is real simple. If you make a typo in the name of the xml file you will get the error. You can google, search, do everything suggested and never have a clue as to what you did.

Why doesn't Microsoft have a way to report issues like this? Why does a release that has been out for more than a year still give such meaningless information. Come on Microsoft, get your head on straight.