New Deferred Channel

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I thought a quick Office 365 ProPlus update might be worthwhile.  Today sees the release of the new Deferred Channel version -1605 with new features and is the mainstream version as such. Version 1509 is no longer supported, while 1602 is supported until February 2017 with ongoing security updates.


A new First Release for Deferred Channel has correspondingly been released- 1609, which is available for advanced testing before it's released as the mainstream Deferred Channel scheduled for February 14, 2017.  


Hopefully, I got all of that right! Your go-to places for keeping track of these versions and builds is here and here.

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Thanks - that's extremely helpful.


Love the links you've posted too. It's hard to keep up with all of the changes, so having a few reliable 'go to' places really helps.