New application compatibility insight with Readiness Toolkit for Office add-ins and VBA


This week at Ignite, we announced the Readiness Toolkit for Office add-ins and VBA is now available for download.  


Earlier this year we shared our plans to create new tools to cataloging your add-ins and VBA applications to assess their compatibility with Office 365 ProPlus.  Application compatibility is an important part of your Office upgrade plans and this toolkit is an example of our continued investment to make that process easier 


The Readiness Toolkit helps enterprises using legacy versions of Office to assess and validate the compatibility of their add-ins and documents containing VBA (macros).  It can be configured to scan in numerous ways including against most recently used documents, folders, and even Office Telemetry Dashboard (OTD) data. 


Readiness Toolkit 1.jpg


This tool also generates an Excel report that includes the following information: 

  • Add-in readiness reporting
    • Add-in inventory (add-ins that are installed in an organization)
    • Add-in readiness status (which add-ins are adequately adopted/supported in ProPlus and which ones require remediation)
  • VBA readiness reporting 
    • Inventory of documents that contain VBA macros 
    • Details on any compatibility issues identified
  • 64-bit remediation advice for known code patterns
  • Confirms compatibility of documents and add-ins ready for Office 365 ProPlus
  • Consolidated, enterprise-level reports  

Readiness Toolkit 2.jpg


Additionally, earlier this month, we launched Office integrations with Ready for Windows. With this integration, IT pros can get a single view of upgrade insights for their desktops across both Windows and Office. The Office ProPlus data on the Ready for Windows site includes telemetry data and partners who have declared Office ProPlus support for their add-ins.  We will continue to release additional Office ProPlus features on Ready for Windows later this year. 


Watch our Ignite session to see a demo or jump to the support article for more details. If you have questions or feedback, reach out to us at


Download the toolkit and start using it today.


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