Needing help with a full uninstall

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I use document assembly software that's cloud-based and then generates word doc drafts. I have third-party ribbons I've installed which are basically preset formatting macros that also update the table of contents once all fields are determined. I run both windows (through parallels since I formerly had to use HotDocs) and Mac versions. The ribbons don't have their own apps - they just install into Word and then disappear (afaik). 


I've had problems with the macros working right for a while and it's a really annoying disruption in my workflow. The distributor who makes the ribbons has said to do a clean install of Office and the ribbons. I tried uninstalling all office apps by dragging them to trash, and then going to Library > containers and Library > group containers and dragging everything to the trash, emptying the trash, and rebooting. In other words, I followed all the instructions here from support from


Nevertheless, whenever I reinstall Office, the third-party ribbons are still there and the problems with them persist. This leads me to believe I'm missing something in the uninstall that's anchoring those ribbons through the process. I'll note that when I've uninstalled from the Windows version on parallels, then reinstalled, the ribbons have not been there and I've had to reinstall (which is what I want). 


Genius Bar chat pointed me to Office Support. I followed the instructions linked above, and problem wasn't fixed, so I clicked "talk to an agent", and in response I got a page that says "There are no support options available. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes."


Any help would be appreciated in helping me figure out how to nuke and pave Office off my system so I can try from scratch. 



Mac OS 10.14.1 (both on a Mac mini and MBP - having the same issue on both machines)

Office 16.18 through a personal 365 subscription

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