Moving Notebook from Personal to School Account

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Hi, all-- I have a Notebook that I am trying to work on with my team, and it appears that the notebook was created within the wrong account. Our school has an education O365 account, and I tried to create the notebook while logged into the institutionally-managed account. In order to get access to the notebook later, though, I had to log into the public Microsoft account portal using the same e-mail address, but an older password. This should indicates to me that the notebook isn't in the institutional account linked to [my_email@school], but rather a public Microsoft account linked to that same e-mail address. On the other hand, the notebook's actual location is within my school's SharePoint ( 


Here's the bottom line: I now have access to the notebook from with OneDrive. I can't share it with my colleagues, because when I try to share I get a pop up that says "Only document owners can share..." I am logged into the OneDrive client with both the institutional and public accounts just to be sure. How can I identify which is the owner of the notebook? Is there a way I can pass ownership back to the proper account? Why is this in the school sharepoint if I'm not the owner of it?


I've got a bunch of work in this thing already, so I really don't want to blow it up and start over, but I'm getting close...


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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@Jeff Tillinghast, I don't have an answer but am hoping to bump this conversation in order to get one.  My situation is similar enough.  I have notebooks that I've created using my personal Microsoft account that I'd now like to transfer ownership of to a new person as I'm leaving said group.  Best practices?

I have a similar issue: need to move a notebook from under personal account ( to my work Office365 account. People were suggesting Export function, however, there is no such option in my personal OneNote online account.