Move Page to New Folder and place at top of new folder, not bottom

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I am using OneNote as my organizing notebook for work.  I have 9 different sections with 30-40 pages in each section.  I move pages from one of the 9 sections to another section often.  But when I move the page to another section, it goes to the bottom of that new section.  I'd like it to be at the top so it's in order of newest at the top vs newest at bottom.  Any advice?

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The only way I know to do this would be to drag/drop the page instead of right click, move. I know that isn’t ideal so you may consider making a suggestion to add this capability on Uservoice (
I wish there was a way for the pages to be automatically sorted based on page creation date. Then when it gets added to the bottom I could simply resort.

Thanks for the note.  I am using an ipad so the drag and drop doesn't work too hot.  I'll send in that suggestion.