Migration from Dropbox to OneDrive

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I'm planning to migrate users from Dropbox to OneDrive using the Migration Tool under SharePoint Admin. I have the connector working and it's pulling the list of users and scanning successfully.

I'm trying to understand these scan results logs. I have several users that either say Scan Error or Migration warnings found. When I download the log, they don't tell me much.


This is the initial scan so nothing is being copied yet. The OneDrive Accounts are new so it isn't skipping because the file already exists.


For some users, when I open the log, the Operation Step says item/skip and the Status says Skipped for over 90% of the files. Yet for the result code it says none and for the FailureReason it is blank. So I have no clue as to why the file was skipped. There's no obvious reason as to why it would be skipped.

Is there something I'm missing as to finding out why a file was skipped?

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Did you figure this out and get migrated. We are looking at possible doing the same with around 200 users and almost all have an error on the initial scan with no data on the issue.

Please share if you dont mind.

Thank you


MS's tool is always buggy. Based on my experience, as a sync tool, Dropbox is better than OneDrive. OneDrive is very buggy on Mac. However, since OneDrive is a part of Office365, you get more apps/features at a less cost.