Migrate Office 365 ProPlus licenses to another Office 365 tenant?

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I know this is not possible by default, but we have paid for 150 ProPlus licenses and those are still valid two years from now. Is there any way that this can be done for us by Microsoft? Does anyone know that to who I could reach out?

Otherwise we have to pay for another 150 licenses in the new Office 365 tenant.


The main reason we have created another tenant is because we want to change the domain.


Many thanks


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Hi Erjen,


You can create a support ticket to ask Microsoft to do that, they will validate with Tenant Admin within 2 subscriptions to make the transfer.

Ok so just to confirm, it is possible to do this asking Microsoft?
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Yes, Just create a Support Ticket on the source tenant with all details to the destination tenant at Office 365 Portal.

Thanks, all I needed to know!
Sorry one more question. Do all licenses need to be unassigned before the migration can be done? Because in that case, users will have no licenses assigned for some time. If that is necessary, any idea how long the migration is going to take?

Yes, the best solution is to schedule the best data/time to do that. Here you have an example of migration between tenants.

Perfect, thank you for your answers.



I just add a question like this:

 I have a question about migrating mailbox. This is my scenario:

I have 100 mailbox in Office365 (online) and I want to move them to another Office365 (online). I want to keep my current email ( and my new email ( 
How can I do it?. I´m trying do it with Admin Office365 portal like "migratin from Online" but I´m not sure. 
By other hand, i have to give permission to my admin usr (the user that has permissons to migrate) in the endpoint. How can I do it?
But in my case is from office365online only, I haven´t AD, I haven´t onpromises and the endpoint is like mine: office 365 online.
Could you help me?