Microsoft Whiteboard fails to identify my OneNote notebooks

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I am using both OneNote and Microsoft Whiteboard with my same school user.


I am trying to send a lesson's board from the Whiteboard app to my OneNote's notebook.


Inside Microsoft Whiteboard, I attempt "Send to OneNote":



But it constantly returns "no results":



I already tried:

  • Sign out and into Whiteboard again
  • Reset the Whiteboard app
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the Whiteboard app (current version: 20.11020.5479.0)

How can I work around this issue?


I can, of course, export the whiteboard to PNG file and then insert into OneNote. But it is important to me to be able and keep on editing the content while in OneNote, which is impossible to do when inserted as a picture.


Thanks, Meir

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