Microsoft Inventory Unsupported Builds

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Recently we have begun using the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center to update our company's O365 Apps accounts. Some of the users added in the inventory have "Unsupported Builds". Further investigations into this topic have come up empty and I was wondering what these unsupported builds mean for the user as well as steps to take to get them running a build that is supported. 

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Depending on the update channel, version (e.g. 2103, 2208 and such) are falling out of support. Each channel has different support lifetimes, e.g. Current Channel is till next version is released (e.g. when 2304 is publishes, version 2303 becomes unsupported), Semi-Annual is for 14 months since initial release.

Unsupported means two things: a) those version to NOT get security updates and longer, so devices on unsupported versions are becoming a security risk. And b) the connection to the Microsoft 365 services is not supported, so users may experience issues (performance, reliability, connectivity, ...)

Check this doc & video for more details:
You can check the update release overview for a quick overview of which versions are currently supported per channel:

Especially as unsupported versions are becoming an increasing security risk over time, we recommend to update those devices to a supported version. How do you manage updates today? Maybe switching to Servicing profiles is an option to automate update deployment? Doc & links to videos: