Mention someone in a comment in word (@mention) so that they are notified of a comment in a document

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I like the easy comments button in word on the desktop (using O365) but feel like it is lacking one thing. There are many times that I will add a comment or respond to a comment and want to @mention someone. Has microsoft mentioned any progress in this vein?

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..perhaps even go one further (then gdocs)  and allow mentioning of groups of users.

This is a very good feature especially if you are reviwing document between two department.


We were using this in google doc. After we migrate in to office 365, we are missing this very badly.


I hope microsoft team will address this soon

This seems like a huge hole in an otherwise solid product.  Is this even on the radar for the Microsoft team?

It turns out that there are no less than 6 separate requests for this feature at uservoice. The one with the most votes is here:

I encourage you to vote.

@Ruben Kertesz can the notification mail include the complete text which include the @mention phrase?