Meeting Details behaviour change in OneNote for Office 365

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Recently my organization update to Windows 10 and Office 365 (desktop) from Office 2010.


I use OneNote to keep track of my meeting notes.  I have a notebook for the year (i.e. "2019 Meetings") and create one page per week (e.g. "2019 - Week 39 (October)") and I append notes to the bottom of a page throughout the week.


Before upgrade in OneNote 2010, when I would select the "Meeting Details" button, then the meeting, OneNote would place the meeting details where my cursor was located (usually at the bottom of the current page, unless I made a mistake and had my cursor someplace else).


In OneNote 365 (desktop) when I follow the same procedure I get a dialog box asking:

"The selected page is already associated with a meeting.  Please choose one of the options below.  If you continue adding, no content will be deleted from the page." with the options to "Continue Adding", "Create a New Page" or "Cancel".


I don't want to create a new page.  I find having one page per week (or even one page per day) is more efficient than having one page per meeting.  If I chose the "Continue Adding" button, OneNote will insert the meeting information at the top of the current page, which means I need to scroll to the top of the page, cut the details, scroll to the bottom of the page and paste the details.


I prefer the behaviour of OneNote 2010 - no scrolling or cut/paste.


Is this a setting that I can change?

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After more searching of the myriad of Microsoft sites, I have found that this functionality has been removed from OneNote 2016+ and Microsoft has suggested to copy/paste after "Continue Adding" puts the meeting details at the top of the page (see

"Tip: For each meeting you select, its details will be inserted on a new page. If you want to also include this information in any of your existing notes, move the mouse pointer over the inserted details, click to select the note container that appears, and then copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) those details elsewhere in your notes. "

There is a feature suggestion on the OneNote UserVoice page to revert to previous functionality. You can vote on this suggestion at