Manual save or recovery data overwritten

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Hello everyone, well found.


Probably for my problem there is already the solution, but I do not know it and I do not get there by myself.


The ability to make a manual backup to overcome the problem described below is not applicable because it would require you to make a backup each time you log in to OneNote.



The premise is that OneNote - whatever Windows, Android or iOS device you're using - quickly saves any changes and stores them centrally in the cloud.


This mode is undoubtedly comfortable, but as with all conveniences there is a downside:


If by accident, or by mistake, I overwrite important data, such as a password, without my being able to remember or rebuild it, or if the cat walks on the keyboard, the new typing replaces the existing one that is lost forever.


The question: is there any way to recover the newly overwritten data?

Alternatively, is it possible to disable auto save on any version of OneNote (Windows, Android, iOS) and replace it with a manual save button?



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I waited patiently for an answer, but I was not lucky so I repeat the question:
Can I recover data overwritten by mistake or inattention in OneNote?
Alternatively, can I disable OneNote's autosave by replacing it with a manual save button?