M365 Apps update through Office config or Intune?

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Hi, For the M365 Apps updates (Enterprise monthly channel) should office config alone manage it? or is there still any features that we need to depend on Intune? or office config + intune both needed?

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Hi Alvi, Servicing profiles has no dependency on devices being managed by Intune. It can co-exist, but there is no needs to manage the device with Intune and/or have anything Office Update-related configured through Intune. Servicing profiles will set all requires settings automatically.


Yes, the latter one is correct, office app + Intune can both exist



I think there is an UI issues where you can not see / add the devices for roll back?




Just tested on my end, it renders fine here. Please refresh your browser cache and reload the page. Do you still see the pane being cut off? Which browser/version are you using?

still cut off. have checked with both chrome and Edge in Inprivate window. Edge version is -Version 113.0.1774.35 (Official build) (64-bit) and chrome is Version 113.0.5672.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Can see it now.
I am sure it was an interim issue.