Lost Notes on OneNote for Windows 10

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 Hi everyone, 


I got an urgent problem on OneNote for Windows 10. Some of my notes disapeared. I can't find these notes on OneDrive, because my stockage is full and the notes were only saved on my computer. Around 1 month ago i got to the point that my OneDrive stockage was full. However, i could still write notes and make new documents that were saved somewhere on my computer, I still don't know where. I know that because each morning I opened OneNote and the modifications from the day before where all there, even when my OneDrive stockage was full.


But yesterday i got a problem. I couldn't start OneNote. When i clicked on the program, it didn't start. With no error message of any kind, it just started for 2 or 3 seconds, then it shut down by itself. I uninstalled and installed OneNote for Windows 10 back, and then it worked. But some of my notes are now unfindable, and i got these weirds sections with Nothing inside on my notebook (see Screenshot).


I contacted the Windows support, but they told me since they were no files on C:\Users\UserName\Documents\OneNote Notebooks (empty folder) and the OneDrive stockage was full, they couldn't do anything. The number of incident is 1007768015.


I'm now looking actively for help, because these notes were my lectures and i got exams in 3 weeks :D


thank you in advance for yours responses

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OneNote backs up to your PC. Look for the files on your C drive and you might find the missing notes.

@Allan Clarke 


Hi, where should i search them ? i looked on C:\Users\"username"\Documents\Blocs-notes OneNote and it's all empty

@J-PAR370  - try: C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\16.0\Backup

@Allan Clarke 


Unfortunately there is no backup folder in 16.0 .. do u know where else it could have been?