Keyboard shortcut for new paragraph in note

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Sorry for the newbie question but I can't find this answer anywhere.

How do I create a new paragraph without having to click in a different part of the page?  By paragraph I am referring to the boxed area that I can type in.  If I click on a blank page, it creates this paragraph.  When I click in another part of the page, it creates another boxed paragraph.  How do I do that using only the keyboard? 

Further, how do I specify if I want the next box/paragraph to the right or below?  When I use the mouse, it always takes some adjustment to get it to line up where I want it (unless my click is dead on). Is there a keyboard shortcut to nudge it up/down/left/right?

Thank you.

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There isn't an 'Arrange' button like you have in Word/PowerPoint inside OneNote to help you with Alignment, maybe something to add into Feature Requests whilst they are rebuilding OneNote for the new version coming soon: