July Patches??

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Where are the July patches for 365?  Windows released theirs on schedule yesterday along with the standalone office patches from last week.  May/June 365 patches dropped on their Patch Tuesdays as scheduled.


July 365 - not so much... 365 Patches, Where are you?


no blog post, no technet, no nuting...

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Office 365 ProPlus updates? Microsoft is transitioning to a new schedule so that could be one reason - Overview of the upcoming changes to Office 365 ProPlus update management.


Here is part of the schedule, from that link -


Upcoming schedule for Office 365 ProPlus releases.png

That says "If needed, quality updates and security updates are released to Deferred Channel" during July & August, same for FRfDC.  So that could well be why there hasn't been a July release, assuming it doesn't appear soon.  The next big update for sure will be September 12, per that schedule.

Well, considering the loooong list of current issues with Outlook, we can certainly argue patches are "needed" :) But it seems they didnt manage to provide a fix in time.

Well, at least a short note about the delay or no patches in July would be nice.

Those changes don't take place until Sept. I'm asking where the regular always "needed" security patches it talks about in your link here are:



July 11, 2017/August 8, 2017 If needed, quality updates and security updates are released to First Release for Deferred Channel. This is the regular update schedule for this update channel.




Of course I'm assuming the standalone Office patches they released as they usually do and are/have been historically rated "critical/important/etc" also need to be applied to 365 click-to-run installs with the same severity.  Standalone install Patches listed here:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4033107/july-11-2017-update-for-microsoft-office

When a similar question came up at the beginning of the year, Microsoft said no security fix is held back when it is ready. So either it's not ready or it's isn't applicable in this set of circumstances.  


Where is the January security update release of current channel?


I agree completely though, some clarity would be appreciated, just so we know either way.

came out yesterday, Version 1706 (Build 8229.2086)