Items deleted in SharePoint List

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Hi All!


I would like your assistance in the following: One of the items in a list of SharePoint was deleted by mistake and it is critical for project management, I would like to if there is a way to recover that field and how to do it.



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Hello, I don’t really understand what you’re looking for. But I assume this will help you out.

”For info about restoring deleted items, see Restore items in the Recycle Bin of a SharePoint site and Restore deleted items from the site collection recycle bin.”

Thank you@ChristianBergstrom for your prompt response, however, what I really need is to recover a field that was part of a list in SharePoint. For instance, I'm a project manager need to create entries in the SP of projects, to enter the data of a project I need to fill out a form full of fields. One of those fields was removed from the form by mistake and I need to know how to recover it.