Issues with Outlook 365

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I just moved a customer to Microsoft 365 from an on-premise Exchange environment. Prior to the move the users were using Outlook 2016.


Now that they've moved over to Outlook 365, the user's are reporting that pictures attached to emails sent from their iPhones are coming into their Outlook inbox embedded into the body of the email rather than as attachments. Prior to the move this wasn't the case. It matters because the user depends on taking field shots of construction projects and bringing them back in to store on a local server.


I tested the problem with external Gmail accounts. User's can send pics from their iPhones to external Gmail accounts and the email arrives with the picture attached as a .jpg, not embedded. Note the same method for attaching pictures from the user's phones was used in both test runs.


Anyone have an idea how to fix this, or even if it's fixable?

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