Issues with 2303 Rollout

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Just started testing the Servicing profile had everything working fine with the 2302 rollout "Started mid-month" got a 90% success rate with 61 devices.

2303 rolled over as intended on 05/09 but it is showing 0 of 0 devices.

BUT in the graph, I now show 4 waves "I am not using waves" 3 with exactly 18 devices and the last with 7 devices.

As of today, still showing the same thing.

Am I impatient or can it be something wrong?


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Hi JL, do you see devices on Profiles today are is it still stuck at '0 out of 0' devices? Can you share a screenshot of the devices tab in Servicing Profiles?


In general, you can expect the Servicing Profile status to reset on Patch Tuesday. During this time, it reevaluates your selection criteria and computes your rollout waves. This process shouldn't take longer than a few hours before you see the first devices being re-added to your profile. Depending on your org size (like 20,000+), it might take several hours before the full calc is done.

@Martin Nothnagel 

Thank you for the reply.

I have 14,783 devices so that totally makes sense.

Even if I am targeting only 61 for testing, I can see how it would need to scan everything.

Late last night the screen changed to 0 of 61 so it is looking good thank you.